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Reading Guide: December 2020 Issue

Hello and welcome, folks, to our first ever issue, of the Construction Feeds Magazine. As you may know, this magazine is a venture of our main site We are releasing these magazines, completely free of cost, to help everyone related to the civil and construction engineering industry.

November 2020 Issue

The following is the complete reading guide for the December 2020 issue of the Construction Feeds.

Cover Story

Top 10 Bridges of the World - the World Famous Bridges

Across the world from the Far East to the far west, there are plenty of rivers and chasms over which humans have to pass, and bridges are invaluable in this matter.


Using SpeedCore Composite Steel Method

By the month of August, Seattle's 58-story Rainier Square tower in finished out only 10 months after development began.

Standard Road Structure Cross Section Details

When you are in charge of building roads, it is vitally important that you know all about the proper cross-sectional structure of roads.

Top 8 Ways to Save Money on House Construction

Are you planning on building your own dream home that you always wanted? Or are you renovating or upgrading your existing house? Either way, construction is an expensive task, made doubly difficult by the present home loan situation.

Editorial Desk

Materials Quantity Estimation by Center Line Method

Quantity estimation is the process of finding out how many materials you need to build a structure, and how much will it cost you.

How To's

10 Types of Columns Depending on Shape

Arguably, the most important part of any modern architecture are the columns, because they bear all the load of the superstructure. Columns can be of many types, but we prefer to categorize them depending upon their physical shape.

Types of Bricks used in Construction

Bricks are the most common building block used for millennia. They are so popular and so old because of their durability, ease of manufacture, and ease of use.

Civil Engineering Thumb Rules

Any site supervisor, hands-on contractor, or civil engineer must know about some basic engineering laws and formula that are used every day in most building situation.

Concrete Joints - What, Why and How

Often in the longer structures like bridges, you will see that there are thin gaps intentionally placed in the long structural members.

Green Building

Making Your Walls, Roofs, Concrete Waterproof

Don't you get angry when your wall or roof gets soaked? Moisture penetration through concrete members is no joke since it can severely damage.

Building Cost Estimation Excel Sheet 2020 Download

Cost estimation is the process finding out the approximate value or expenses of a project. The process of construction cost estimation starts with many, many variables and ends up presenting a single value.

Various Civil Engineering Sheets Free Download

From design to construction to maintenance, data management and analysis is a very important part of the construction industry.


Free Excel Sheet Download for Brick

Hi there, folks! Today we are here with another free spreadsheet for you to download.

Civil Work Quantities Excel Sheet Free Download

When you are a civil engineer, site engineer, or similarly engaged in construction work directly, you have to know exactly how much material you need for the work or you cannot do your job.


Design of an RCC Column for House

Columns are probably the most important load-bearing member of any structure, since they carry all the vertical loads of the building and transport it to the bottom of the structure, the foundation.

Calculating Steel Quantity in Beam in 3 Easy Steps

Columns are probably the most important load-bearing member of any structure, since they carry all the vertical loads of the building and transport it to the bottom of the structure, the foundation.

Bent Up Bar in Slab Cutting Length Calculation

If you are a civil engineer or a site engineer, it is essential for you to be able to calculate the cutting lengths of the reinforcement bars inside every load-bearing member.


The US Pavillion at Expo 2020 Dubai is Inaugurated

The concrete was poured first on-site for the US Pavilion in the Expo 2020 Dubai at March 2020..

Windover Construction Launches the IDEA Platform

It is a form for much rejoice when Windover Construction, a global leader in construction innovation ..

Market Analysis of Roofing Tiles from Allied Market Research

According to a recent study conducted by Allied Market Research, the global roofing tiles market closed at 2019..

Soleil Energy Starts Construction on California Rooftop Virtual Power Plant

The Wasatch Group's new engineering, procurement and construction arm, Soleil Energy..

Tesla Begins Construction of the World's First 1 GWh Battery Pack

With the advent of solar and wind energy, and sustainability being the heaviest buzzword in the energy ..

Watch Out for These Top Construction Industry Trends in 2021

The Covin-19 pandemic and technology have already defined 2020, in all respects as well as in the construction industry.