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Reading Guide: October 2020 Issue

Hello and welcome, folks, to our first ever issue, of the Construction Feeds Magazine. As you may know, this magazine is a venture of our main site We are releasing these magazines, completely free of cost, to help everyone related to the civil and construction engineering industry.

September 2020 Issue

The following is the complete reading guide for the October 2020 issue of the Construction Feeds.

Cover Story

Best 4 Software for Architects and Engineers

At present in the realm of Structural Engineering, a ton of design upgrade and improvements emerges since the start of basic design.


Things to Remember When Building Roads in Hilly Regions

A hill road might be characterized as the one which goes through a territory with a cross incline of 25% or more. There might be areas along hill roads

Calculating the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) of Columns

Welcome back to another BBS discussion. Today, we will examine the bar bending schedule (BBS) for standard columns.

How Much Space Should You Provide Between Bundled Bars in Cast-in-Place Concrete

Cast-in-place concrete is a technique of development of structures where walls and slabs of the structures are cast at the site in the formwork.


How to Use Pile Load Test Data to Design Pile Foundations

An expensive but very dependable option to find out the load capacity of a pile is the Pile Load Test. It is not the cheapest option.

Tips & Tricks - How To's

Bricks by Materials - What You Should Know

Brick is one of the most established of all structure materials. It is additionally apparently the most tough, since there are brick dividers.

5 Green Building Tech That's Available Now

As industry keeps on extending and the world's gracefully of non-renewable assets gradually becomes more extraordinary and more costly.

Tips & Tricks - Ideas

What is the Standard Penetration Test

The standard penetration test is an in-situ test that is going under the class of penetrometer tests. The standard penetration tests are completed in borehole.

Series - Green Building

Slab on Grade Analysis by GRDSLAB

GRDSLAB is a spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel with the end goal of examination of concrete slabs on grade.

Calculate Footings Easily with ASDIP Foundation

ASDIP FOUNDATION is an auxiliary engineering software used by engineers for design of pile caps and concrete footings.

Series - Construction cost Estimating Sheets

Types of Bridges

A bridge is a structure giving entry over an impediment without shutting the route underneath. The necessary entry might be for a street.

Comparing Bricks, Concrete Blocks, Clay Hollow Blocks, and AAC Blocks

The four main types of basic building blocks we use today are Bricks, Concrete Blocks, Clay Hollow Blocks and AAC Blocks.

Download : Resources

Download Project Cost Estimator Template Sheet

Project Cost Estimator Free Excel Template to download will assist you with assessing the Project Cost or Project Budget to speak with your client.

Free Download Construction Cost Estimating Sheet

Construction estimating is the way toward envisioning the cost of building a physical structure. This progression is fundamental, and one of the most critical in the construction cycle.

Multimedia : Videos

12mm Plaster Work Checklist & Spreadsheet

Plastering is done on the walls to eliminate surface blemishes, keep up line level and arrangement. Notwithstanding that it additionally goes about as a defensive surface for outside walls.

Video Lecture - Designing a Doubly Reinforced Concrete Beam

A beam is a structural member holding up vertical loads. It is also the part that prevents the structure from bending.


Role of Masonry in Construction

Masonry comprises of building structures by laying singular masonry units (brick, concrete square, stone, and so on).

Rare Spike in Residential Starts During the Pandemic in the US

The U.S. economy has been seeing slumps in all sectors ever since the pandemic begun. Heck, it was already going bad from even before the pandemic ? case in point

World's Largest Virtual Power Plant Construction Starts in California

Soleil Energy, the EPC arm of the Wasatch Group, is starting development on a progressive virtual power plant program situated on California high rise housetops

Large Solar Projects are Booming in the U.S.

While the oil and gas industry are having a troublesome year confronting the Covid pandemic and the danger of decarbonization, solar is set out toward a development year.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Gets New Modular Offices

The Texas-based planning & fabrication business measured construction firm Ramtech Building Systems has started the establishment of 26 non-flammable