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Reading Guide: January 2021 Issue

Hello and welcome, folks, to our first ever issue, of the Construction Feeds Magazine. As you may know, this magazine is a venture of our main site We are releasing these magazines, completely free of cost, to help everyone related to the civil and construction engineering industry.

November 2020 Issue

The following is the complete reading guide for the January 2021 issue of the Construction Feeds.

Cover Story

Checking Foundation Integrity with Crosshole Sonic Logging Pile Test

Any building rests on some kind of foundation, and therefore it is the most important part of the structure.


Building Cinder Block Walls - Everything You Need to Know

When you're short on budget and need to do some light building work on your own, cinder blocks are a great choice.

Precast Concrete Explained: What is it and why should we use it

In the traditional method, we prepare the concrete structures on site, pouring fresh concrete in the place where the structure will be.

Best 6 Low-Cost Masonry Units for Cheaper Construction

Building cheap is everyone's dream, but that falls flat on its face when it encounters the solid market standards.

Editorial Desk

Methods of Terrace Waterproofing

Preventing leakage and seepage of water from the roof of rooms is a major concern in the long run for every building, especially for those which are in rainy climates, or are adjacent to wet rooms like bathrooms.

How To's

On Site Plate Load Test

Testing the strength of the soil is extremely important in case of any kind of construction before the structure even gets designed.

Causes and Types of Slope Failures

The ground is seldom flat. There are natural slopes all around us on the ground, going up and down hills or valleys.

RCC Frame Construction - Advantages, Types & Construction

Building a superstructure is not easy, and so you need a proper method to erect a building superstructure.

Green Building

Construction Progress Report Sheet Free Download

No matter where you are working - be it in a company office or in fieldwork, government sector or private, technical or non-technical - you have to report to your superiors about your work progress.

Construction Cost Estimating Sheet

Excavation Calculation Excel Sheet Free Download

Are you constructing your own house? Or are you the engineer in a construction company? Either way, you will have to estimate the data about the excavation on the building site.


Homebuilding Cost Estimate Sheet Free Download

At the point when we consider developing another house likely there is one inquiry hit in our brain that might be the cost of construction. This normal inquiry emerges in our psyche when we take the choice of building another house.


Beam, Types, Usage, How to Calculate

In building construction, a beam is a component of structure which resists the load of the beam's axis. Beam is also called a lintel.

Types & Causes of Concrete Cracks

RCC structures are very much dependent on the concrete in them for supporting the loads, so any kind of cracks in the concrete is cause to worry.

Whitewash Quantity Calculation: What you Need to Know

White washing and shading washing of the surfaces of buildings is vital on both sterile and stylish reasons.


2021 Tallest Buildings under Construction in Each Continent

The unconfined compression test is the most well known research facility test used to decide the Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) of a stone example.

World's 10 Most Impressive Constructions

We humans have always aspired to build tall and build great. And we have been truly at it for as long as the construction industry existed - well back at the time of pyramids.

Top 10 Ancient Architecture Wonders

Humanity and construction work has been together since the dawn of civilization, and people have always aspired to leave their creations behind as legacy.

Top 10 Big Engineering Projects Around the World

Even though the pandemic has hit us hard, mankind's dream of building big and building powerful structures and facilities cannot be dominated.

Top 10 Longest Roads in the World

If the civilized surface world is some kind of animal, then surely roads are the blood vessels in its body. Highways, freeways, motorways, expressways