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Road Estimator - the Best Software for Road Contractors

You have your formulas, your spreadsheets, your cost estimating sheets - and then you have the Road Estimator 6.6. If you're a contractor or engineer in charge of road construction, the Road Estimator is an invaluable friend you must have in your PC!

A revolutionary software on its own, the Road Estimator is a great tool for road creation and quantity management estimates. This robust computer application can take care of all your section creation and quantity calculation. The software is so intuitive, it can generate roads and cross sections on its own from survey data, down to the last detail of earthwork and quantity.

Apart from road cross section calculation, the Road Estimator software can generate data for new roads, widen or strengthen existing roads, in any setting - urban, rural, mountains, highways.

Highlights of Road Estimator

New Roads

You're a road contractor and you gotta build roads! The Road Estimator is your best friend in this matter. Whether you are building new roads, single-lane, multi-lane, highways, service roads or rural roads - you will be able to get all kinds of estimation data from this exciting software. It can quantify roads with or without pavement, consisting of multiple layers, without any limitation of materials or the number of layers.

Widening of roads

Existing roads need to be widened as the load on them increases with time. The technical challenges of widening a road, especially in populated areas, can easily be overcome when you have the nifty Road Estimator by your side. Be it any kind of work - road repair, rebuild, soil replacement, cross-sectional changes, super elevation - just feed the survey data into the Road Estimator and watch the magic!

Strengthening of roads

Road is old and needs to be strengthened? No worries, feed the data into Road Estimator and it will automatically detect the issues with the existing road. The software will detect various road overlay conditions, and then compute the possible profile correction courses that will be highly beneficial for the existing road.

Railways (new!)

Not only roads, but the Road Estimator software can be used in making railways as well! Over the last few years, the demands of new rail network construction and upgradation of existing rail networks has gone through the roof. With that, the technical challenges associated with building rail networks has increased as well. If you're in charge of constructing a railroad, you know how important it is to get dependable estimates on each task. Road Estimate can immensely help you out in this matter - how so, read here.

Features of Road Estimator

  • It has an in-built CAD editor that you can use for creating and adjusting road cross sections.
  • You can import and export DWG files from Road Estimator.
  • There are an unlimited number of road templates with the software.
  • Supports single lane roads, multi lane roads, service roads, unlimited road layers, unlimited depth etc.
  • Generated models will have complete integration of necessary road elements like rains, retaining walls, breast walls, gabions and user-defined elements such as crash barriers, fence, pipes etc. Even trees!
  • The software can automatically detect the existing road for overlay construction. Then, Road Estimator will automatically calculate profile corrective courses based on the detected data.
  • Median, carriageway, shoulder, side slopes with berms and berm-top slopes will get specified as per chainage. The slope and width will get automatic interpolation as well.

Why choose Road Estimator

  1. User-friendly CAD interface
  2. Template-based solutions
  3. Drawing generation as built
  4. Automatic PCC calculation
  5. Supports all kinds of road elements
  6. Ash layers integration
  7. Easy design layers integration
  8. Quick and precise reports
  9. Auto embankment layer
  10. Rapid data processing algorithm

So, what are you waiting for? Download Road Estimator today for easy and automatic detection of road issues and calculation. The Road Estimator is your best friend for your road construction, repair and upgrade work.

Road Estimator - the Best Software for Road Contractors