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Information is power. And construction knowledge is power building. That's why you are in the right place. Construction Dive (CD) is one of the leading civil engineering and architectural magazines originating from India. The Construction Feeds is the flagship publication of the Quantity-Takeoff web site and while we are new, we are bright!

CD is intended to be your go-to option for knowledge, news, resources and insights about the construction industry. The publication provides an extensive look at breaking news, analysis, features, projects, product launches, discussions and interviews. The Construction Feeds Magazine is the most cost-effective way to target decision makers within the industry and promote your brand.

Not only that, CD Magazine is also great for students and learners of the construction and civil engineering trade! You can find lots of instructional articles in our magazine, serial posts about interesting topics, resources line sheets and templates to use in your work, and much more!


Some of the areas we cover in Construction Dive are:

  • Industry News: we provide recent and interesting updates about what's happening in the civil and construction business today. When you read CD regularly, you will stay one step ahead all the time!
  • Interesting Articles: bringing you super-engaging engineering and architectural matters promptly every month, we publish articles and cover stories that are sure to interest you.
  • Tips & Tricks: We contact construction industry specialists to convey educational pieces to you! Our How-To's section gives you insightful, tried and tested shortcuts on making stuff work without much hassle, and our Ideas section will dazzle you with brilliant ways to achieve your target.
  • Ongoing Series: We publish up to five serieses every month, each of which break up one long, complicated subject of the construction industry into small, easily digestible pieces, so that you are not overwhelmed with information. It is a great way to learn new stuff!
  • Resources and Multimedia: We provide lots of resources to use in your daily work, like estimate sheets, pdf's, and the occasional application. We also publish inspiring infographics and videos, check them out!

These and more are waiting for you when you peruse our The Construction Feeds Magazine. We cover all the latest happenings in the construction industry (mostly in India, America and England). We also cover the exceptional work made in existing awe-inspiring structures across the world.

Month after month, we keep offering articles on the best practices in the business, policy updates, technological breakthroughs, best practices, market trends, government ideals, regulations to follow, new opportunities and much more. Our readers come from all segments of the industry - general building (residential and commercial), heavy construction, specialized structures, and attached trade sectors like suppliers and designers.


Our reader base includes every kind of personnel connected to the construction business - from students, workmen, accessory staff, officials, engineers, architects and even company CEO's. The thousands of people reading our publication every month often leave positive feedback. Important figures from prominent organizations and companies are among our subscribers, and sometimes grant us interview privileges as well.

Every issue of The Construction Feeds profiles lots of instructional and educational content, industry profiling, news and updates on current happenings, infographics, downloads and much more! Our reader base covers every floor of the construction office and beyond - from the CEO to the workmen, interns and even students. With a dedicated base of writers, editors, researchers and interviewers, we offer you the best reading material over the web for civil engineers, architects, designers and so on.


Construction Dive Magazine is associated with the following web resources:

  • Quantity-Takeoff: The mother of CD magazine, this site is full of useful information about modern construction and architectural matters.
  • ConstructionCost: Another of our ventures for the builders, but this is a bit more focused on the business side of the industry.
  • SketchUp4Architect: One of our most popular publications, this blog-cum-magazine is for those who use the insanely popular CAD software: SketchUp.
  • SketchUp-Ur-Space: We publish this site also for the SketchUp professionals and enthusiasts alike. Civil designers will benefit greatly from this site.
  • BIM Outsourcing: Building Information Modeling is the inevitable future (and present) of the contemporary software-assisted construction industry. This publication is our contribution to the sector.


While we are doing all of these for you, we did not forget that you may have something to tell us as well. Indeed, we are always looking forward to knowing your ideas and suggestions. Please reach us at to tell us whatever you want, we are eager to hear from you!