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Construction Progress Report Sheet Free Download

No matter where you are working - be it in a company office or in fieldwork, government sector or private, technical or non-technical - you have to report to your superiors about your work progress. Today, we will present to you a construction progress report sheet free download.

These sorts of reports work well when there are many employees at work and it isn't possible to supervise them each individually. This is especially true for large construction companies handling mass, repetitive projects.

The construction progress report sheet is presented monthly, usually within the first week of the month, to the project manager or the manpower superintendent. This enables the project to have a smooth command to output workflow, which results in better time management and resource management on the employer's side, and also better time management and performance handling on the employee's side.

Today, we will offer you the free download link of the construction progress report sheet. The sheet will be of immense value to supervisors and HR alike, when they need to track each employee's workflow minutely. This is especially useful if you are paying employees by hour.

Components of the Construction Progress Report Sheet

The construction progress sheet for free download has many parts that you need to understand in order to handle it properly. The main fields are described below in detail.

  • Name: the name of the employee, contractor, or subcontractor submitting the report.
  • SSN: the identification number of the employee, contractor, or subcontractor. This is commonly the social security number in the US, but it can be something else, even an employee number that was assigned by the company. This is used to uniquely identify the submitter.
  • Craft: the basic job of the employee in which they are trained, or designated as. For example: mason, carpenter, plumbing contractor etc.
  • Contract Number: The number that identifies the contract with the employee or subcontractor.
  • Bundle Number: if applicable, the bundle number of the work assigned to the contractor.
  • Month: Reporting month. This would be the previous month of the present date.
  • Year: which year this report is being made in.
  • Work Process: The list of main category work activities the employee or contractor was engaged in, in that month. Contractors and subcontractors need to divide up the contract into manageable subcategories. That is to say, you can't just indicate that you have spent 8 hours in 'masonry'; you have to divvy it up into 'mortar mixing', 'bricklaying', etc.
  • Daily work hours record: This is the main record body which records the hours spent by the employee in each work process. Be careful when you fill this up; it can be frustrating.
  • Total hours by date: The total amount of time you have worked on each day. This is a direct sum of the daily work record.
  • Total hours by task: The amount of time you have worked in a particular work process.

Using the construction progress report sheet

The sheet is in a regular spreadsheet format compatible with MS Excel or most other offline or online spreadsheet editors. Therefore you can open it in any office application like MS Office or OpenOffice, or you can upload this to online office apps like google docs, office 365 or similar.

It would be best to save this construction progress report spreadsheet as a template, after you configure it to suit your tasks and company. Then you can quickly create every month's spreadsheet from template, instead of copying and pasting and clearing and configuring every time.

Download link:

Construction Progress Report Sheet Free Download