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Windover Construction Launches the IDEA Platform

It is a form for much rejoice when Windover Construction, a global leader in construction innovation and management announced the green light on their IDEA (Innovations for Design, Engineering & Automation) consultancy platform. This platform is especially optimized to work in the construction projects utilizing modern day technologies like BIM, drones, robots or automated construction machines, and much more.

The clients of IDEA will get to enjoy unique real time solution for their scenarios through a technology first gateway. Windover Construction's award-winning expertise at streamlining decision making and their history at transforming the design, engineering and construction process is going to be the key reliance factor for this consultancy platform.

A great example what and how much you can slingshot your work above the mainstream level is the work of Windover Construction's venture at the Fuller Mixed-Use Venture. According to a Windover spokesperson, “the driving force behind IDEA: combining today's technology with tomorrow's vision."

The IDEA platform is targeted to existing clients as well as new partners from the nation and the world, and it is a considerably robust framework over existing construction consultancy available in the market. The IDEA platform will combine cutting edge construction related innovations, for example, 4D planning, digital prefabrication, virtual construction, VR and AR, laser scanning, automated construction, drone surveys, highly optimized MEP-BIM, 3D printing, point cloud mapping, interactive 3D design-with a wide spectrum of adaptable strategic counsel on your project.

A global leader in using bleeding edge technologies, Windover exists to serve and support the planning, design and construction phases in many awe-inspiring projects around the world. Their presence is found across the spectrum of public and private sector construction, from academic to residential, life science, healthcare and mixed-use buildings.

Not surprisingly, Windover Construction has won the Autodesk AEC Excellence Award in the Construction: Small Projects ($100 million or less) last year. This was for the firm's contribution to various projects with their cutting-edge combination of modular construction techniques and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

Not only that, Amr Raafat, Windover's Vice President of VDC, was awarded Autodesk's 2019 AEC Innovator of the Year, an international award recognizing an individual leading, changing, and transforming the design and construction phases for the definitive better. Consequently, Amr is the person in charge of the IDEA spark.

According to Stuart Meurer, President of Windover Construction, Windover is dedicated to achieving a construction speed parallel to the speed of technological innovations in the industry. Further, “Rather than focusing on one solution, we've perfected the art of collaboration among existing and emerging technologies. IDEA redefines the possibilities to advance the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry while providing our clients and partners with the opportunity to mitigate risk, increase efficiencies and bring their forward-thinking visions to life."

Dedicated to building great things with great people, Windover Construction aims to move as fast as the construction innovations do. With their IDEA (Innovations for Design, Engineering & Automation) consultancy platform, clients can experience the same heady rush of combining multiple bleeding edge technologies. IDEA will bring together surfacing innovations like drone mapping, robotics, automation, BIM-MEP coordination, laser scanning, 4D planning and mixed reality assembly in an industry-first, unprecedented manner to improve onsite productivity and mitigate risk.

As an example, let's look at the Fuller site again. The Windover VDC team in that project was able to employ a mixtape of leading construction, design and survey technologies to offer real-time solutions to the client that truly made a substantial difference. The result was a much more streamlined construction process the company ever experienced. Furthermore, the Windover process cleared up wastages and reduced the bills by as much as 70 percent. Now, the same power consultancy is brought to the world neatly packed and upgraded as the IDEA movement.

Windover Construction Launches the IDEA Platform