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Building Cost Estimation Excel Sheet 2020 Download

Cost estimation is the process finding out the approximate value or expenses of a project. The process of construction cost estimation starts with many, many variables and ends up presenting a single value. Today we present a best building cost estimation excel sheet 2020. Download this cost estimation spreadsheet for easy calculation of the building cost estimate.

A cost estimate can save you from the very possible danger of cost overrun, that is, running out of funds before the project is done. That is why you should always perform a cost estimation for your project, preferably by a professional cost estimator.

RCC Building Cost Estimation Excel Sheet

To find out the end expenses of a particular building construction project, RCC building cost estimation is performed. To do this, all the data points that impact the exit rate of the project are taken together and considered carefully. This yields a final sum of costs that may be incurred in that project, including overheads.

This process of rate analysis is called a cost estimation of a building project. This is a fairly complicated process, and the bigger the project is, the more difficult it becomes. For this reason, pre-formatted cost estimation sheets are used to quickly figure out cost estimates. Here is one such building cost estimation sheet that you can download and utilize for your own RCC (reinforced concrete cement) construction project.

Factors affecting the cost estimate of an RCC building

There are many factors and variables that shape the output of a cost estimation process, but the major players affecting expenses in an RCC building construction project are the ones as follows:

  1. Work specifications
  2. Material quantity
  3. Material specifications
  4. Construction method
  5. Material costs
  6. Labor cost/wages
  7. Site conveyance costs
  8. Overhead and contingency
  9. Establishment costs (legal and other)
  10. Profit margin

To be specific, the costs of materials are taken at the value in total of their initial purchase expenses and their conveyance expenses as they are delivered to the site from the source or storage depot. This will also include any local taxes incurred on the materials and transport.

Purpose of rate analysis for cost estimation

  • Calculating the effective cost of each unit item or work at the end of the production or construction pipe line.
  • Figuring out the most optimized synergy between materials and their proper usage that is the best in economic terms.
  • The afore mentioned are considered in light of the construction process pipe line in completion of one or more particular items or units of work in the whole project or a select part of it.
  • Anticipating, planning for, and projecting the approximate costs of the items, methods, or systems that were not mentioned in the initial design based on which you are doing this cost estimation, but which may well be needed in practical sense based on the experience of the constructor.
  • Estimating the changes in exit expenses of the project or part project in case if the project specifications or on-site situation changes. This may come through a negative change in the market of the materials or an increase in labor requirements or wages, or if any serious accident occurs in the field.

Cost estimation sheet categories to be covered

The following are the categories that need to be considered in an RCC building cost estimation excel sheet:

  • Preparation
  • HVAC
  • Site Work
  • Electrical
  • Foundation
  • Insulation
  • Basement and Garage Floor
  • Interior Finish
  • Structure
  • Kitchen
  • Log/Hybrid Home Package
  • Bathrooms
  • Windows and Doors
  • Floor Coverings
  • Roofing Material
  • Painting and Decoration
  • Exterior Finish
  • Fireplaces
  • Fascia
  • Decks, Driveway and Landscaping
  • Log/Timber
  • Other systems
  • Plumbing
  • Miscellaneous

Note that all of these may or may not be usen in your project or in the design, so you will have to pick and choose carefully which one do you want and which one you do not want in your cost estimate. Also, a project may undergo changes as specified by the client or needed by situational consideration. At that time, some of the afore mentioned items may get added or extracted from the final cost estimate calculation.

How to use the free building cost estimate excel sheet 2020

The cost estimation process of RCC buildings can be a very complicated matter and a grueling experience, but it need not be. You can use our RCC building cost estimate excel sheet in the following three simple steps:

  1. Download the free building cost estimation sheet from here: <link>
  2. Open MS Excel, or any similar spreadsheet program compatible with the latest excel document specifications, and open the downloaded file in it.
  3. Fill in the values of the fields provided (empty boxes), and that’s it! Your final cost estimate projection will be automatically ready at the output box.

Yes, it’s that easy!

We hope you have liked our article about the free RCC building cost estimation excel sheet download. Please let us know what you think! You can use the comments form below to let us know about your thoughts and suggestion. Till the next time, bye and happy building!

Building Cost Estimation Excel Sheet 2020 Download