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Excavation Calculation Excel Sheet Free Download

Are you constructing your own house? Or are you the engineer in a construction company? Either way, you will have to estimate the data about the excavation on the building site. Here is a very handy excavation calculation excel sheet free download.

Whether it's a residential, commercial, or industrial construction project, excavation work must be done to ensure a solid foundation. In addition, having robust groundwork will also prevent potential damages caused by weather disturbances and other natural calamities.

What is Excavation

To be sure, the word 'excavation' directly means making a cavity in the ground by cutting, digging, and scooping off the soil in that place. The process consists of moving earth, rock, soil, and other similar materials on a spot away from the building site, using hand or machine tools, specialized equipment like excavators, or by using explosives.

Why Do You Need Excavation

A building stands entirely on foundations, and they need to be placed deep enough so that they stand on some solid ground or bedrock. That is why excavation is so important before any construction work begins. A footing embedded in deep ground at the proper depth will ensure the load coming down on it is properly transferred to solid, stable ground.

Preparing for Excavation

You can't just get a shovel and start digging - there's a lot of work to be done before you begin your excavation process. Above all, you need to check how deep you need to dig before you can be sure the ground can safely support your building.

To figure this out, you have to analyse the soil on site and compare its qualities against the expected forces coming down from the structure that will stand on it. Only when this inspection passes, you can take onto the next four excavation preliminaries.

1. Site Clearing

First you have to clean out the construction site of all debris, rock, trees, and other stuff still on the ground. Moving trees is a special concern nowadays, which is 'replanting' instead of 'removing'.

2. Site Preparation

Next, all the equipment and materials have to be gathered and assembled on site, so that the excavation process can go smoothly. The proper process of outbound soil dumping is to be prepared as well.

3. Drainage and Trenching

Trenches must also be dug for the sewer drainage pipes. This is a vital step in the process as the sewer drainage pipes are very important to the excavation process.

4. Driveway Excavation

A proper driveway needs to be cleared out as well for the outbound soil trucks and inbound equipment.

Types of Excavation

There are many types of excavations that are done for construction purposes, depending upon type and material. They are as follows:

  • Bridge
  • Borrow
  • Channel
  • Drainage/Structure
  • Dredge
  • Earth
  • Footing
  • Muck
  • Roadway
  • Rock
  • Stripping
  • Topsoil
  • Underground

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Using the Excavation Calculation Sheet

You need to have the following before you can use the excavation calculation sheet:

  1. Plan
  2. Elevation
  3. Section
  4. Footing Detail Drawing

Let us take an example. Say,

  • Number of Footing Same Size = 6 Nos.
  • Size of Footing = 1400 mm x 1400 mm
  • Size of P.C.C = (150 + 1400 + 150) x (150 + 1400 + 150) = 1700 mm x 1700 mm
  • Size of Soling = Same as P.C.C = 1700 mm x 1700 mm
  • Excavation of Height as per Drawing from E.G.L (Existing Ground Level) = 3500 mm + 150 mm
  • Excavation of Height as per Drawing from E.G.L (Existing Ground Level) = 3650 mm
  • Excavation size of area L x B = ( Extra length of 500mm for working space + Length of P.C.C + Extra length of 500mm for working space)
  • ( Extra length of 500mm for working space + Breadth of P.C.C + Extra length of 500mm for working space)
  • Excavation size of area L x B = (500 mm +1700 mm + 500 mm) x (500 mm + 1700mm + 500mm)
  • Excavation size of area L x B = (2700 mm) x (2700 mm)
Item Description No. Length (m) Breadth (m) Height(m) Qty Unit
Footing Excavation            
Footing Length 1 1.4 1.4      
P.C. C Extra Both Side (150 mm +150 mm) 1 0.3 0.3      
Extra Excavation for footing concrete and shuttering (500 mm + 500mm) 1 1 1      
Total Length and Breadth 1 2.7 2.7      
Excavation Hight from E.G.L (Existing Ground Level) (3500+150) 1     3.65    
Footing Excavation 6 2.7 2.7 3.65 159.651 Cu.m
No of Footing = 6 Nos.            
Total Excavation 159.651 Cu.m

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Excavation Calculation Excel Sheet Free Download