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The US Pavillion at Expo 2020 Dubai is Inaugurated

The concrete was poured first on-site for the US Pavilion in the Expo 2020 Dubai at March 2020. Since then, the construction work has progressed securely throughout the pandemic phase and has finished in majority now.

Located within the Mobility District, the US Pavilion takes up about 4.32 square kilometers of area, and looks positively beautiful. The splendid construction underlines the USA's commitment to participate in the World Expo 2021, which is expected to start next year on the first day of October.

The elegant and modern structure was inaugurated by the Commissioner General of the Pavilion, and more prominently, the US Ambassador to the UAE, John Rakolta Jr. Counselor of the US Department of State T Ulrich Brechbühl also presided over the program.

The construction of the US Pavillion at Dubai Expo 2020 was taken up by a public private joint venture between the US Department of State and a partnership of major private sector construction and architecture firms from the USA – the Thinkwell group being a highlight in it. This consortium altogether is responsible for the funding, design, construction, operations, support, maintenance, and when needed, decommissioning of US Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020.

About the funding part, the Arabians have also contributed substantially in the project. The UAE contribution for the funding of the US Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 is as high as $60 million USD-or about 220.39 AED. Ther rest of the money required to erect and run the project was raised by the other US entities involved in the aforementioned consortium.

The Commissioner General of the Pavillion and the US Ambassador John Rakolta Jr. has said in the ceremony that the UAE is one of the best partners of the USA, and this partnership is highlighted by the versatility and the comprehensiveness of the bond. He says this is because it includes "various fields from security and defense to culture, business, investment and trade," as mentioned to the Emirates News Agency.

The US Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 is an artful, modern piece of architecture, featuring slants giving the onlookers a feeling of motion, inspiring an illusion as if the whole building is in movement. The Pavillion will also feature a full scale model of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The rocket itself is expected to be the biggest attraction at the Expo, as it is the tallest item on the Expo 2020 grounds. At 14 stories high, the replica rocket is sure to attract the most visitors at the grounds.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 is the rocket most used in the history of spacefaring in the US so far, and for good reason. The Falcon 9 is the first orbital class rocket also capable of re-flight (that is, re-using it after it lands). This ability virtually ends the era of expensive, expendable rockets the US previously used.

The US Mission says, "our state-of-the-art exhibition will recognize how US leadership in the space sector is charging forward to make space accessible to all." And therefore, the completion of the pavilion is a major milestone for the US as one of the big boys at the 2021 World Expo.

The statement further reads, "As the first World's Fair to be hosted in the Middle East, Expo 2020 Dubai will draw visitors from around the region to take part in six months of extraordinary programming and business engagement opportunities. Through our nonprofit partner Global Ties US, the US Pavilion is actively recruiting cultural performers and speakers to appear at the pavilion, along with bilingual Americans to serve as youth ambassadors and pavilion guides."

The US Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai is targeted to impose a unique experience on the visitors to the pavilion. The guests will get to celebrate the American values and theme of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of the Future." The message that you will get to learn that for America, sky is no longer the limit!

As you move through the comfort of a moving walkway which snakes though the major exhibits, you will get to experience how innovation and creativity thrive in an environment powered by American freedoms. You can also sit down and relax for the 8-minute looping show on the ceiling of the pavilion. If you're a bit tired, you can go to the courtyard of the structure and enjoy authentic Americal food and culture while enjoying live performance throughout the day.

The US Pavillion at Expo 2020 Dubai is Inaugurated