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Reading Guide: November 2020 Issue

Hello and welcome, folks, to our first ever issue, of the Construction Feeds Magazine. As you may know, this magazine is a venture of our main site We are releasing these magazines, completely free of cost, to help everyone related to the civil and construction engineering industry.

November 2020 Issue

The following is the complete reading guide for the October 2020 issue of the Construction Feeds.

Cover Story

Various Types of Footings in Construction

The structures we build today are mostly heavy RCC buildings, requiring solid foundation work to stand upon. This is where footings come in.


Why Do We Use Stirrups in Construction

Beams are indispensable in building construction these days, and they take up the whole load of the slab. This produces a lot of tension in the beam.

Classification of Concrete Vibrators for Construction Requirement

For proper compaction of concrete, vibrators play a pivotal role. When the concrete is ready to use, it contains innumerable air bubbles

Editorial Desk

Comparative Analysis of Slab to Beam Load Transfer

Load transfer mechanism in reinforced cement concrete (RCC) structures are a truly intriguing matter. The loads of a floor fall totally on the floor slab.

How To's

Contrasting Speculation of Development Length and Lap Length

The main purpose of providing reinforcement bars is to transfer the load from member to may be either to another reinforcement bar or to concrete.

What is Concrete Slump Test and How is it Done

When you need to quickly measure the workability or fluidity of the concrete mix on site, the best test available is the concrete slump test.


Prevention & Remedies of Honeycombs in Concrete

Concrete is the most useful building material ever, but it has its downsides. One of the problems with concrete is the frequent corrosion issues it faces.

Green Building

Dog Legged Staircase - Design and Construction

When it comes to going up or down a multistoried building, staircases are the inevitable choice. They have been around for thousands of years since the dawn of civilization.

Construction Cost Estimating Sheet

Calculating Load-bearing Capacity of Existing Beams

Repair and renovate is a big part of the construction industry. An engineer should be able to figure out the abilities of the existing structural members as well as build new ones.

Important Civil Engineering Formulas and Metrics

If you are a civil engineer, you have to make may calculations in your head a lot, from every once in a while. Almost all of those will be related to the construction methodologies.


Road Estimator - the Best Software for Road Contractors

You have your formulas, your spreadsheets, your cost estimating sheets ? and then you have the Road Estimator 6.6.

Top 5 Design and Construction Cost Estimation Templates

The AEC community will invariably concur that cost estimation of projects is probably the most vital part of the pre-construction phase, for any project.


Material Estimate of an RCC Underground Water Tank

Dating back to the early days of civilization, water storage facilities have been a part of the construction industry forever.

Calculating Loads Acting on Columns, Beams, Walls, and Slabs

It is essential that you have to be able to calculate the forces acting on different members of a structure quickly and efficiently


Sustainable Bridge Construction

Environmental factors like carbon footprint and sustainability are often coming to the front when talking about building a new structure these days.

Top 5 Trending Practices in Construction

With the fourth technology wave, the world is changing fast and with it the construction industry is changing as well.

USA Top 5 Mega Construction Projects in Progress

Even though the recent pandemic issue has seriously hurt the US construction industry, even then, America is well-known for its infrastructure