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Political Science

Date. 1st March 2022


Political science is that branch of the social sciences that deals with the studies of state, politics, and government. Political Science deals extensively with the analysis of political systems, the theoretical and practical applications to politics, and the examination of political behavior. The Greek thinker, Aristotle, defined political science as the study of the state. Many political scientists view themselves as being engaged in fleshing out the connections between political events and conditions. And by this understanding they hope to construct a system of general principles that posit the way the world of politics works. Political science is not a standalone field and it intersects many other branches like sociology, economics, history, anthropology, public policy among others.

Benefits of Political Science

The benefit of political science is vast and experts have divided the field of political science into five sub-disciplines. There are political theory, public administration, comparative politics, international relations, and public law. It needs to be noted that these sub-disciplines cover the entire gamut of the modern political economy and provide the basis for the study and understanding of how the global political economy works.

The study of the system is concerning the allocation and distribution as well as the transfer of power is one of the main preoccupations of political scientists. The success or otherwise of the governance structures is gauged by political scientists who examine the multifaceted and multilayered factors at work that contribute to good or bad governance. The scope of the political scientists has now been broadened to include the realm of the study of the democratic elections across the world. In other words, with the explosion in the political systems all over the world, political scientists, and their scope of study has been considerably enhanced.

The Importance of Political Science

The importance of political science lies in the fact that all of us live within political systems and we are affected by the changes in the global political economy. With the advent of globalization, there has been a concomitant rise in the interest taken by the people of the world in understanding the political systems of other countries. Hence, political scientists become valued and important as they provide the lens through which we can understand the global political economy. There are many universities that provide graduate and higher-level degrees in political science and in recent years, because of the renewed interest in political science as a field of study, there are many takers for these courses. This article sets the context for the subsequent discussion on the various aspects of political science and its relevance to the modern political economy. A democracy is a system of government that gives the people the power to govern. This can either be done directly, where citizens actively participate in the decision making of the country, or indirectly through elected representatives. The purpose of the democratic process is to protect the interests of all citizens of a country. In order to do so, every citizen in the country needs a medium through which to express his political opinion to defend his / her interests.

Role and The Responsibility of Political Parties

The role of political parties. Political parties are politically recognized organizations of citizens who form to defend their interests. Having a political system that allows the freedom to form a new political party or to declare membership in already existing ones, promotes democracy. As such, political parties are an indispensable part of the democratic process. However, there are also negative consequences to having political parties. Political parties saw their origins in the 17th and 18th centuries in the UK, evolving from previous political organizations called factions.

The political party model then spread over many parts of Western Europe, including France and Germany, over the 19th century. Since then, they have become the most common political system in the world. However, we will show how political parties are essential to ensuring democracy. We will also show that there are unavoidable negative consequences to the party system. The responsibility of Political Parties. A political party is a group of people who share a common goal and try to influence the government to benefit that goal.

There are many people who believe that political parties are now old fashioned and irrelevant to the governmental system. Though there are those that see the essential of having political parties in a well-functioning government. Political parties are of paramount importance as they provide the link between politics and society. One major responsibility of political parties is to develop policies. This ensures that there is always a diverse selection in the political marketplace, in terms on candidates and ideas. Once a political party is in government, they can start implementing these ideas, and bring them to life.


Political scientists are much sought after these days because of the changing landscape of politics across the world. And since the society wants to understand how the political world works, they need someone to explain the purpose of the political economy. Any casual perusal of the newspapers and the television channels reveals that political scientists are at the forefront of debates and discussions for their knowledge and expertise.

Political Science
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