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Using Drone Footage for Construction Site Progression - Safer, Quicker, and Much Better!

From the moment a construction site starts, information on all trades have to be collected to follow up on its progress all the way to its completion. General contractors must be able to create weekly, biweekly and monthly reports so they can be able to keep track of all sub-trades, keep construction schedules up to date and catch any deficiencies and mistakes on time so they can be corrected.

These reports must be presented to the landlord and the client as well so they can visualize how each phase of the project is being completed in a correct way, understand that the budget is being well managed, acknowledge that unexpected delays may occur and change orders are truly created upon deficiencies, among other subjects.

No report is complete without images, videos and virtual walkthroughs which give a visual understanding of what's happening at site. Interior as well as exterior footage is relied upon so everybody involved in the construction project can understand what happens, at the moment it happens. In all trades from demolition, structural engineering, MEPs and final finishes, pictures provide a better understanding of how to approach the implementation of each process and solve any type of obstacles that may appear.

Using Drone Footages for Construction Site Progression - Safer, Quicker, and Much Better

How Drones and UAV's are used in construction site monitoring

Since 2019, Drone Sky Visuals has been providing its customers an integrated solution which fundamentally approaches this need in an innovative, safe, cost effective and technological way - Aerial footage. With the latest UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology and data processing software, DSV offers a new and different point of view solution which once before would be very expensive and time consuming.

With point edge drones, images and videos are taken, stitched, processed and integrated into reports which provide High-definition pictures which have been proven to supply data that wasn't thought about in the past capturing every angle from the sky, whether it's a bird's eye view, cardinal point views, orbit videos of the construction site, horizontal and vertical ortho-mosaic footage.

Achieving this type of data collection is very valuable not only because of the footage itself but also because of the value proposition that it offers. The implementation of this solution brings major factors into consideration which are of great importance for general contractors as well as clients. Such factors are safety, time consumption, data processing agility, complete view from ALL angles, cost efficiency, better project management and finally customer satisfaction.

Construction Safety and Drones

Construction safety is the prime concern for project managers and superintendents on site, all workers must follow safety measures, use protective equipment and gear, keep up to date all certifications needed and rely on safety managers to constantly remind everyone that health is of paramount importance.

With drone footage, construction workers will not have to worry about having to climb scaffolds, use any type of lifting equipment or do any unconventional tricks to obtain these images. With UAVs, the operator will be able to stay in a safe place on land while flying and capturing all the images and videos needed.

In the past, all aerial footage was captured mostly by climbing up a boom lift or from a helicopter. The time spent to contact a supplier, schedule a date to receive the equipment on site and capture all the footage would take several days to accomplish if not weeks depending on availability and many other factors such as weather.

With UAV technology, that loss of precious time is just a bad dream from the past. From the moment a client gets in touch with DSV up to the moment which our team arrives to site, creates a flight plan according to the clients' needs, evaluates the environment and airspace, creates a pre-flight inspection, takes off the Drone, captures all the footage, processes the data and creates a final deliverable product it would take roughly hours to complete. It means that you can have a sky view of your site in a matter of hours from the time you pick up the phone and talk to the sales team.

Construction Safety and Drones

How data from drones is used on-site

Data processing has been becoming faster over the years with the rapid development of technology. In the past, to process data from a picture or set of pictures you would have to wait days and even weeks to complete a final site analysis. With our software, we can process data from the imagery taken in a matter of hours depending on the type of data required, doesn't matter if it's area dimensions, material analysis or 3D modeling.

How data from drones is used on-site

When it comes to reports, the more valuable information you can present is going to transmit a better understanding of the site progression at a particular moment in the schedule timeline. Offering a view from ALL angles from the ground, inside the construction site, above it and from far away can present different points of view which gives more information which comes to a real and complete view of all jobs being performed.

This is possible with UAVs at a 4K high definition perspective which allows to capture every detail. It doesn't matter if its material stockpile volumes, deficiencies or different views of the construction, DSV provides a solution which can provide this type of information.

Creating all this important data was very expensive and only few companies could afford such advanced high end solutions. Drone Sky Visuals' solution is a cost-effective way to obtain and process the data required to carry along all decisions required to obtain the highest quality construction.

Why general contractors are loving drones

The factors stated above create a great value proposition for the General Contractor as they can perform their work effectively, take important decisions fast, save money and prevent having to readjust a schedule which means time lost for turnover.

If a project manager can offer and deliver quality work added to this value proposition, then you will have achieved a goal greater than finishing a job, you will have achieved customer satisfaction! This means that the client will hire your company again for its next projects and will provide the golden tool for sales. A five star referral to other colleagues in the industry.

Why the general contractors are loving drones
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